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Sup Yoga

For me as a human being, it is very important to shut down and not always be connectet do all social media. So even if I work with this I have to take small breaks to re-load, re-connect and rest my mind. I call it to ground my soul. Which I do daily through meditation and other ways. I need this to be able to preform my best at all times. 

On Sunday I was invited to one of my best friends Sabah Hamadeh Hedenström (one of my bride maids) along with my other two bride mades Jessica Folcker and Jennifer Lopez. Sabah held a magical Supyoga class and it was truly amazing. Please visit her page Sabah.nu for more information on SupYoga. 

We all work hard so this is me taking care of my soul, body and mind. 

The future

Working with the future and getting into the crypt world is extremely instructive in many ways. I cannot say that I can do it by heart because it changes all the time and I have so much to learn. It is important to read on, keep up with and understand what we are faced with. I genuinely believe that crypto is the currency of the future and it is not for nothing that Facebook, which is one of the world's foremost platforms, starts its own currency, Libra. You can read more about this here! 

I am learning about Bitcoin and we can all see that is goes up quickly. Bitcoin has reached its highest level of 17 months. There are hopes of increased enthusiasm thanks to the launch of Facebook's crypto currency. I want to learn more and I am starting to really undestand why this is our future. 

Sprinkle Dreams

With only two days left the issuing is coming to an end for Sprinke on the investment platform Raise Reach!

Sprinkle will revolutionize how we behave and use our digital presence, now and in the future and I am happy to be a part of this team. It feels almost like the end of a race where we all run fast towards a common goal. Sprinkle works with media communication that is related to raising capital in the real estate and entrepreneurship markets. Through board representation, our deep industry knowledge, our network and our financial strength, we work to help companies become industry leaders. We use the RaiseReach investment platform to offer capital procurement services such as issues, real estate investments and crowd funding.

So dear all, if you want to invest in the future – don´t wait!

Contact me for further information on how to become a Sprinkle Dream!
I you want to invest a smaller amount you just click here

E-mail: denise.lopez@thesprinklegroup.com 



In Sweden we celebrate midsummer and for anyone abroad you might have heard about it. We gather friends and family, we dress the maypole with flowers and then it is raised together and traditional ring-dances ensue, all together -hand in hand. We eat sill, potatoes and other great food. Midsummer eve is often celebrated in the countryside and the center of Stockholm is almost empty.

This weekend I celebrated midsummer with my fiance Niklas, my son, my friends Sabah and Håkan at their wonderful place along with their daughter Nicole, her partner Adam and his family. It was truly amazing and a wonderful weekend. 

Back to work monday morning and the team is doing an amazing job at Sprinkle. I started my swedish blog and got a new webb page for my artist page deniselopez.com and www.deniselopez.com. It is still under construction but If you read swedish you can follow my story ”Den Nakna Sanningen” there. The rights is owned by my company XOXO AB but in collaboration with Sprinkle


Meet our CTO Heresh

I have now worked at Sprinkle for more than 3 months and I am learning so much. The company is really growing fast. We are a good team with great spirit and fantastic people. Our CTO Heresh is on a hole other level and he is just amazing. He knows every song there is in the world and we all get a taste of it daily. He should start write his own lyrics I think and drop a single. He is just an amazing person. Here is how a day at the office with Heresh can look like. It is never boring let me say that. 

Big up for Heresh! I love you long time. 


Heresh Ariai graduated from Saint Botvid’s high school where he studied social science. His career then went quicklytowards IT and then graphics. After several years in the industry, he started his own digital printing company in 2010. Recently Heresh comes from a position at Strömberg Distribution where he worked as a variable data programmer (VDP) and was then responsible for personalized campaigns by SMS, mail, email and web.


The video filmed by: Amina Bognanic our princess of economy at Sprinkle. 

My music studio

Since end of may I have own recording studio located at Östermalm in central Stockholm. Just weeks after it was all ready I bought out my co-owner into my own company. 

As an artist I have always payed a lot of money for both productions and renting music studios to be able to record my vocale my entire carreer and it ads up in 25 years. Now FINALLY, I have my own and I feel very happy aobut it! 

I also bought a dj equipment: CDJ-2000NXS2 and DJM-2000NXS2 DJ-mixer in order to rent out to companies when I do my dj - gigs! So now you can book me as a Dj and my dj equitment. 

I also offer private Dj lessons as well as Dj my self. For further information contactm me: info@deniselopez.com 


Mercedes-AMG Driving Experience


Yesterday evening I came back from Mercedes-AMG Driving Experience at Falkenberg Race Track.

 I was invied by MB Sweden.

I brought my cousin Manne a long and really made his day. It was so nice to bring him and get some quality and crazy fun time together. The swedish singer Stephen Simmons and comedian Måns Möller was also part of our team for the day. 

AMG is considerably closer to a racing car than a standard car and that is how I learned how will drive during our day at Falkenberg. Under safe and organized forms we learned how to handle critical situations and judge dangerous situations before they occur. I learned how to feel more safe and more prepared for the unforeseen. I simply became a better driver while I had a lot of fun with a fantastic team. 

Day 1  sunday may 19th 
3PM Arrival at hotel Falkenberg Strandbad, relaxing and just chill. 

7PM: Meeting in the "AMG room" at the hotel. The instructors had a review including presentation
of course and driving technique.

8PM 3-course dinner at Falkenberg Strandbad and I must say that the food was just amazing. 
We all went to bed right after the dinner in order to be fresh for our big day at the race track. 

Day 2 monday 20th 
7.45AM breakfast and take off to Falkenbergs race track. 

8.45AM Meet up at Falkenberg's motorway, we started with a theory pass in order to then drive the car all day. The program contains exercises such as -heating, brake and escape maneuvers, banking after pacecar and slalom run. Everything is led by some of Sweden's best instructors. 

12.30-1.30PM Lunch

After lunch we got to drive around the track and by the end of the day me and my cousin got the chance to join a real ride with one of our instructurs Linus. I have never experenced anything like that before. WOW! 

The day ended with a summary of the day and a diploma. 

3.30 PM take off to Stockholm. Me and my cousin decided to fly with Braa Flyg who fly climate compensated at no extra cost. 

A huge Thank you MB Sweden anb Falkenbergs strandbad for an amazing dinner and stay at your fantastic hotel just by the beach.


Mc Lyte


My single “Dare to change the world” was born with the concrete ambition to make the world a better place. I met MC Lyte in Sweden 2018 when I booked her for a gig in Stockholm, Sweden, We clicked and after a trip to Thailand where I wrote the song I sent it to MC Lyte and asked if she wanted to join, she said yes!

MC Lyte, twos is one of the worlds biggest female rapper with her song ”We Rock The Party” is also the founder of the philanthropic network Hip Hop Sisters Network, has been actively making notable impactful contributions, especially empowering women. Talking about the release, MC Lyte says:

“I believe music has the capability to heal and motivate society. This song aims to show a brighter way to a brighter day. Changing the world isn’t easy but if we all do our part it can be done. I’m excited to join Denise to express how changing the world, as we see it, is vital,”

The video was shot in Stockholm and LA thus enabling both the artists performances. For me it was important to use authentic actors and special care was taken in choosing the children in the video. In the video I play the part of AI, Artificial Intelligence, coming to earth and with my application I provide the key to liberty. The lost of my younger brother due to tragic circumstances November 2016 I  searched for a higher meaning. We are two strong women united in our commitment to change the world and we decided to take things to the next level. If you have not listen to the song, you can do it here!

Private photos and Mc Lyte! 


Let’s Talk

The newest event model at Sprinkle is called Let's Talk. The first Let’s Talk event was arranged yesterday druing beautiful sunny day at Torpedverkstaden, Skeppsholmen in Stockholm. The event was hosted by me and Jessica Folcker and together with the Sprinkle´s owners, management and employees. 

Entrepreneurship combined with building a company means creating something new, sharing a business idea and vision, and testing concepts both internally and externally. It means to communicate with the market, shareholders, and investors through various events.

It was amazing to hear our founder Thony Norelli explained all about the company and the new thing happening within Sprinkle, both in Sweden as well as internationally, like Blockhomes in Burundi, Africa. 


Being successful does not always mean that you succeed with what you do. During my life, I have been faced with challenges that forced me to eather surrender or fight. I always fight my way back again and I know I can do whatever I want to do as long as I put my all into it. 

It sometimes requires several failures to ultimately win. But many people don´t even know what they want in life and in order to reach a goal or a dream you must first set your mind into what that might be. 

The only thing that stops you - is you!

If someone tells me that I can´t do it, I always prove them wrong. I can do it! 

Check this motivation video out! 


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