Meet our CTO Heresh

I have now worked at Sprinkle for more than 3 months and I am learning so much. The company is really growing fast. We are a good team with great spirit and fantastic people. Our CTO Heresh is on a hole other level and he is just amazing. He knows every song there is in the world and we all get a taste of it daily. He should start write his own lyrics I think and drop a single. He is just an amazing person. Here is how a day at the office with Heresh can look like. It is never boring let me say that. 

Big up for Heresh! I love you long time. 


Heresh Ariai graduated from Saint Botvid’s high school where he studied social science. His career then went quicklytowards IT and then graphics. After several years in the industry, he started his own digital printing company in 2010. Recently Heresh comes from a position at Strömberg Distribution where he worked as a variable data programmer (VDP) and was then responsible for personalized campaigns by SMS, mail, email and web.


The video filmed by: Amina Bognanic our princess of economy at Sprinkle. 


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