Main Ambassador

Sprinkle Event

Sprinkle arranges a meet and greet Tuesday, May 14, 2019 at Torpedverkstaden.

The company that I work as Main Ambassador for was recently acquired by Stockholm IT Ventures AB (listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange)!

I will host the event with Jessica Folcker, the Sprinkle Founder, Thony Norelli, the CEO, Ian Cassiman, and the core Sprinkle team working hard behind the scenes to make it all possible will all attend at this afternoon event to highlight the latest news about Sprinkle.

Sprinkle is well known for their Sprinkle Fusion Power business model that digitally aligns its subsidiaries’ platforms and integrates their core competencies into Sprinkle’s Fintech ecosystem, enabling Sprinkle to reach the global investment market, digitize customers’ finances and make tomorrow’s solutions available today.


Being successful does not always mean that you succeed with what you do. During my life, I have been faced with challenges that forced me to eather surrender or fight. I always fight my way back again and I know I can do whatever I want to do as long as I put my all into it. 

It sometimes requires several failures to ultimately win. But many people don´t even know what they want in life and in order to reach a goal or a dream you must first set your mind into what that might be. 

The only thing that stops you - is you!

If someone tells me that I can´t do it, I always prove them wrong. I can do it! 

Check this motivation video out! 


Fatigue syndrome

Fatigue syndrome is a serious disease and should be taken seriously. Stress is not just about work today. Private life has a great impact on us as we are faced with higher demands when it comes to everything and you as an individual need to learn to "feel" what you feel good about and not.

The internal stress of many people affects your life negatively. There is no specific cause behind the fatigue syndrome, it is a combination of the individual's own requirements, self-esteem and life situation, the workplace and organization's design, requirements and leadership that underlie. I have my routines. I often take long walks in the woods, I sleep regularly, I eat healthy food, I meditate, I listen to harmonic music, I write in my "I am grateful book" or new songs, I sing, I laugh, I feel good about myself, I see life with bright eyes despite adversity, I listen to my self, I say no to things & I feel good about it, I don’t compare myself to others. I also often allow my self to travel and relax. This is from one of my song writing and meditations trips to Thailand last year. 

It should be fun to live both in your private life and at work and for me it is great fun.

P4 Extra

Yesterday I was a guest at P4Extra with Titti Schultz together with the amazing legend hockey player Börje Salming, Green Party Alice Bah Kuhnke about the EU - election. Listen to the full program here!
If you only want to listen to my interview you can move forward to start code: 1:28:39.


Top100 Djane

I am nominated to top100 Djánes2019 in the world. You can vote for me here!


Besides my artist career as an artist, songwriter and music producer I have been a frequently engaged DJ at the hottest clubs and events in Sweden for more than 20 years. As a Dj I provide high technical skills. At some shows I do sing live to the music which creates a fantastic impact on the audience.


International: Tokyo Dome (Tokyo, Japan), Nikki Beach (Marbella, Spain), Nao Beach Club (Marbella, Spain), Oliva Valere (Marbella, Spain), Hennesy (China), Medium Halo Show (Wuhan, China), Shanghai, C-Union (Guangzhou, China), Vibe Jazz and live Music Club (Hong Kong, China), Hilton (Beijing, China), D22 (Beijing, China), Swedish Chamber Of Xommerce (China), Swedish, Embassy (China), Swedish Conculate-General. Guangzhou, China Toco International (Hong Kong, China), A-Peer Holding Group LLC, China & Taiwan, Eutheria Media BeNeLux (Belgium, Netherlands & Luxemburg), Fresh Pool Media, GAS (Germany, Austria & Switzweland)

Event Companies:

Eventyr, Occasion, Wonderland, Nine Yards, Subito Event, Alm & Möller, Artistkontoret, PW Creating Meetings, Musikevent, Artist & Eventbolaget, GPP Event, W & P Nöje, Succé Event, Film & Live In Sweden AB, Börjeson Event, Fantastiska Nöjen, Oops Nöje, Joiagency m. fl.


Mobiloperatören 3, Mercedes, Gant, Coop Sverige, Scandic Sverige, Fabege, American Express, Telenor, Klarsynt, Specsavers, Rosenserien, Eon, Worldclass, Carlsberg, Postkodlotteriet, Com Hem, Rockbjörnen 2015, Clarion, Golvkedjan, Lidköpings kommun, Mood Stockholm, RLVNT, Tallink, Tolv Stockholm, Subaru, Swedish Grand Prix, Rebecus, SSR Plaza, Uncle Eric Entertainment & Birka Cruises, Amref/Flying Doctors/Stockholm Marathon, Stars Media Group,  Sale Nordic Field Marketing, Scandinavian Haircompany, GHD, Bröllopsmässan Helsingborg, Erbjudandefestivalen, Enough Antimobbinggala, Super Model Of The World, Nalen, Stockholm among others.

Night Clubs in Stockholm:

 Café Opera, Berns, Hells Kitchen, Le Bon Palais, Red Room, Spy Bar,  Stacy, Hells Kitchen & PURE.

Bars & Restaurants in Stockholm:

Glashuset, Orangeriet, Grand Central By Scandic, Strandbryggan, Strandbryggan, Noppes & Södra Sällskapet. 


Sparbankens Stadsfest (Västervik), Stadsfesten (Skellefteå), Husaren (Skövde), Uport Festival (Ulricehamn), Yacht Club (Stenungsund), Conventum (Örebro), The Church (Sandviken), Allstar (Sandviken), Olearys, Tempel (Karlstad), Lokal (Umeå), Valhall Club (Kalix), Bahnhof Bar (Ängelholm), Clarion Post (Göteborg), Invito (Umeå) among others.


Jessica Folcker

Influencers are today a natural part of most companies' creative marketingand together with the Sprinkle Fusion Model, in my role as the Main Ambassador, I will build up a driving ambassador network and work to target the target group's media profile for amaximum impact of the company business concept and customer offering in the market.

During easter I reqruited my old time friend and artist collegue Jessica Folcker as ambassador to Sprinkle and she started at April 29th. This job is all new to Jessica but with her fantastic brand, social skills and network I am sure she will do a fantatic job with us at Sprinkle. It´s a honer to have her on board with the team. 

Jessica has the most amazing voice and a beautiful soul. I am happy she is a big part of my life, both private and professional. To work with Jessica on a hole new level and together learn all about tech, blockchain and all that we do at Sprinkle is amazing. 

I got to know Jessica when she was only 14 years old and she has been one of my closest friends since that day. We even had our own duo together called ”Dendira” and released one single called"N´Joy it" when Jessica was only 16 and i was 19 years old. Oh my did we have fun! 

Besides Jessicas own fantastic career as an artist she did backing vocals on a lot of my songs, one example is one of my bigget hits "My Lover" with Jessica and Max Martin on backing vocals. Max Martin is also a co writer on the song together with me, Per Magnusson and David Kreuger from the famous Cheiron crew. 



How I became The Main Ambassador

So, in January 2019 I got a message from a friend who asked me if I was intrested to come and meet the founder of the company Sprinkle. The meeting took place at Nybrokajen in the beautiful center of Stockholm, with a magnificant view over Strandvägen and the water. This meeting turned ot to be the beginning of my journey with Sprinkle. We stayed in contact and when I got back from my trip to Mexico we had another meeting. It all went very fast and may 8th I started at Sprinkle AB as their "Main Ambassador". 

Influencers are today a natural part of most companies' creative marketing and together with the Sprinkle Fusion Model, in my role as the Main Ambassador, I will build up a driving ambassador network and work to target the target group's media profile for a maximum impact of the company business concept and customer offering in the market.

Today is monday 6th and I have worked at Sprinkle nearly one month. It has been both fun and adventurous and even if I am still learning the company structure I feel like a big part of this family. 


Welcome to my world

Dear world, 

Welcome to my new blog. It has been a while since I typed my last words and posted it on cyber space. In fact it is more than 3 years since my last blog, but the very first time I do it in english. This will be all new to me as many other things in life. But before I tell you all about it I would like to introduce myself and my career before I start post bits of my everyday life to you. 

My name is Denise LopezI am 46 years old (going on 47), I am a woman, a daughter, a sister, a single mother to my son (almost 8 years old), a girlfriend, a good (i hope) friend of a few fantastic people and colleague of wonderful women and men at Sprinkle. Sprinkle is the company where I work as the main ambassador. I was head hunted for this position and it is truly amazing to be a part of this company and help it grow. I will tell you all about my work at Sprinkle and my first month here in my next blog post, but first I will give you a insight of my artist careeer. 

I am an singer/artist, songwriter, dj, producer and started at age 17. I started my carrier as a dancer & backup singer and toured around the world between 1989-1994 with Dr.Alban, Melodie MC and the famous dance group Culture Beat (Mr. Vain). During my last year with Culture Beat I signed my first record deal and recorded the album TBA (Totally Bombastic Anecdotes) with Sony Music Sweden under my nickname DeDe. My second single (Party) opened up the market in Japan and my first album TBA went gold within a month. As an artist I was contracted to Sony BMG for five years (1994 – 1999). In 1997 I was the only Swedish support act for Michael Jackson down in Ullevi Gothenburg and in 1999 I went to Japan to do my show at the Tokyo Dome for two consecutive days; 100,000 people were watching those shows. See it live here!

The end of 99 brought a new challenge for me. I started my own label and by July of 2002 I released my fourth album in Japan (through Epic) under the title ”Like a Queen”. 2003 saw the release of three singles as well as my first DVD collection. In August of 2007 I teamed up with my friend and Grammy-winning recording artist Pras Michel (The Fugees) and released ”Turn you on”, layered with sassy vocals me and Pras Michel’s signature fluid rap style. Turn you on is written and produced by Pras Michel. After nine weeks on the Swedish single chart, ”Turn you on” went No.2

In December of 2007 I went to China for the first time where I did two shows at the biggest clubs in Beijing; Club Mix and Club Cargo. In November 2008 I did a tour together with Pras Michel in Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Denmark and Sweden. In December 2008 I wrapped up my first live-band tour in China, which became a great success. In April of 2009 I went back to China for promotion in Shanghai. My fourth album ”Slave To The Sound” was released in China May 2010 under the title ”Denise Lopez”. My fifth album ”Black Lace & Leather” was released 2010.

During my career I sold more than 500 000 albums. As I told earlier I was the only Swedish artist to open up for Michael Jackson in Gothenburg, Sweden and was also opening act to 50 Cent in Helsinki together with Pras Michel in Helsinki, Finland. I have worked with prominent producers and songwriters like Max Martin, Father Mc, Pras Michel (Fugees), Anders Bagge, Andreas Carlsson, Per Magnusson, David Kreuger, Michael Feiner, Derek Bramble among others.

During 2016 I released the EP ”Female Revolution” and my latest single ”Dare To Chang The World” feat hiphop queen Mc Lyte went #5 on UStop20 (2018). The song was written and produced by me. In the beginning of 2019 – I teamed up Grammy-winning recording artist Pras Michel (The Fugees) once again and released ”Turn you on” with a new remix by Dj Screamshot. 

Besides my artist career as an artist I am a frequently engaged DJ at the hottest clubs and events in Sweden. As a Dj I provide high technical skills and great artistic and interacting performances.

Since may 5thI have my own studio trough my company MD Enterprise AB from where I will offer music production, songwriting sessions, private Dj-lessons and artist coaching located at Östermalm, Stockholm. Music will always be a huge part of my life since music is my passion. But I also have an interesting background and work experience of business building, entrepreneurship and leadership. I have a very long experience of events, service, entertainment and marketing. I had my own online casino, life style magazine, blog portal and I have arranged my own golf competition. I have a strong confidence in my professional ability and I feel safe in my professional role. I am happy to take on responsibilities, new tasks and challenges with a good mood. I enjoy and I am good at socializing with other people. I create and maintain a strong connection with people and I easily solve social problems. I also have experience of editorial work as a recruiter, IRO, Chief Operating Officer, Music Director and communication in digital channels and social media. I know what it means to work hard and creatively in a number of different industries. I am a committed and social team player, but I also work carefully, structured and independently.

So, this is a introduction of me. I hope you stay tuned and join me on this journey as the main ambassador of Sprinkle.




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