Healthy Life

Being a single mom, working full time with Sprinkle and running my own companies requires good planning and structure. I only work with what I am passionate about and I have learned to say no to things in order to spend my time right. But since my job is my passion I do not see it as work. I see it is a part of me.

Thanks to today´s technology I can work from anywhere really as long as I have internet. I can pick my son up from school and spend time with him, go to practice and watch him play and later on at night when he is a sleep I can work. No matter if I am writing lyrics, an article or writing my blog or have online meetings etc. To have flexibility is very important to me.

Thanks to my boyfriend who is a former hockey player and who workes as a personal trainer I can focus at the gym and get do the most of my time when I am there. He made a program fit for me so I know what to do and not feel lost. This also require planning each week in order to live a healthy life. I also cook food boxes with healthy food. My plan is to hit the gym 4 times a week but right now it is 2 times per week so i need to allowe myself and find time. 


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